Lockdown Fails : How One Woman is Not Cleaning Her House and Couldn’t Care Less


Is it just me finding this whole Lockdown thing utterly exhausting?  Seriously I don’t think I have ever felt so much pressure to “get stuff done” in my whole life. There is an ever growing list of tasks that aren’t even getting started and it’s freaking me out.

First up there’s all the usual day to day stuff like feeding the brood, cleaning up after the brood, washing and ironing, walking pooch etc etc. But now that’s doubled with the addition of all the extra cleaning and tidying people seem to be doing since lockdown and hearing everyone talking about how spotless their homes are right now. Er....... so not me 

 I have always been able to use the excuse of being full time in my little boutique as a reason for my home being less than the perfect sanctuary of tidiness and order. I just never had the time to sort out the cupboard under the sink never mind the inclination. But now that excuse just won’t wash .....excuse the pun. 

I’m seeing all these posts on Social Media of super tidy houses all “Hinched” to within an inch of their lives. It’s so intimidating... And now to add insult to injury people are  painting and decorating, completing amazing feats of diy, undertaking garden makeovers, crafting, cooking and all kinds of equally impressive “stuff” that I am still not getting round to. 

Now don’t get me wrong I did have a little spurt of Spring cleaning in the first week but as I had suspected all along, the mess comes back, and you have to do it again, and again and again....  

So I have decided in the interests of preserving a semblance of sanity I will continue to get by doing exactly as much as I did before. Which is, and always will be, never enough.